Hyderabad encounter is making headlines in world media
Hyderabad encounter is making headlines in world media

Washington: Due to the increasing crime day by day, everyone from the country to abroad is struggling with this problem, while the news of the killing of the accused of murder after the rape by the Hyderabad police also got a prominent position in the media around the world. Police action was praised in most of the news, but in some news questions were also raised about it.

According to the information received from the sources, let us tell you that common people in India have expressed happiness over the killing of the four accused. But activists and lawyers have questioned this encounter, calling it a non-judicial process. The report further states that the police have described it as an action taken in self-defense. At the same time, social workers say that the police is saved by telling the story of self-defense.

Nirbhaya incident also mentioned: On the other hand, if sources are to be believed, it is learned that people are praising the police saying that justice is done. Referring to the Nirbhaya incident, it has been said that there was a lot of noise about the crime against women, but there was no reduction in the crime. There was a lot of anger against the brutality with the woman doctor. Due to the anger of the people, the accused could not be produced in the court.

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