A technician prepares brilliant 'mileage booster,' will work like this
A technician prepares brilliant 'mileage booster,' will work like this

A Hyderabad technician has developed a mileage booster for vehicles in the recent past. It aims to reduce carbon footprint, which helps save fuel. David Eshkol, Chief Technologist and developer of 5M Mileage Boost, has been in the field of innovation for a long time. He developed a 5M mileage boost, especially to effectively reduce carbon emissions.

The name '5M' mileage booster is given because these boosters will be fruitful in 5 things. According to Eshkol, this booster helps in high mileage per litre of fuel, more pickups for vehicles, high driving speed, more torque and thrust and, most importantly, more pollution control.

This is how 5M Mileage Booster will work:-
"This 5M mileage booster is an innovation that is mounted on the engine of the vehicle without opening the engine," Eshkol explained. The developed machine of 5M mileage boost is connected to the engine of the vehicle through the intake manifold. Ultrasonic waves and gaseous plasma are sent to the engine for some time based on the cc of the engine. He informed that mileage booster was developed in 2014 and since 2008 he has been working on a machine that will not only help in increasing the mileage of the vehicle but also contributes to the environment by reducing carbon emission as much as possible.

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