Manoj Bajpai said this about his latest Bhojpuri song
Manoj Bajpai said this about his latest Bhojpuri song

National Award champion Actor Manoj Bajpai has recently tried to wrap up the first time in ' Ba in Bombay '. He believes that he is not a singer, but he has an understanding of music and he expresses gratitude for his theatre practice. Manoj's rap song highlights the dilemma of migrant labourers in India, which has been greatly appreciated. After the release on 9th September, it has been viewed more than 5,878,983 times.

When asked if he is going to bring more songs? "I don't know," he said. Film maker Experience Sinha (who has directed the video of the rap song) keeps telling me that I am coming back to you with another song. Firstly, I am not a singer, then forget the trained or untrained. I am not a singer. Yes, but I am a good listener of good songs. "

At the same time, he further said, "I understand what good singing is. I have been a theatre artist for many years and it is necessary to be at least in the theatre and in rhythm. "At the same time, manoj Bajpai's song is getting a lot of love for the fans, and they are also being appreciated. In fact, their song is very well-hit, it is now to see whether they bring the next song or not. It will tell you the moment.

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