'I have come to seek blessings from Lord Devnarayan', says PM Modi in Rajasthan

Bhilwara: PM Narendra Modi has reached Bhilwara in Rajasthan today. Prime Minister Modi addressed the function organized on the 1111th incarnation day of Lord Devnarayan, the idol of the Gurjar community in Bhilwara. Prime Minister Modi described Lord Devnarayan as an incarnation and said that every class has faith in him. He is still like the head of the family in public life. Prime Minister Modi said that he has come to seek blessings from Lord Devnarayan. He talked about the life of Lord Devnarayan and said that instead of comforts and conveniences, he chose the difficult path of service and public welfare. Prime Minister Modi said that the path shown by Lord Devnarayan is for everyone's development. Today the country is walking on this path.

He said that the country has been running for the last eight-nine years only on the mantra of giving preference to those who have been neglected and deprived. Today every beneficiary is getting ration free of cost. The Prime Minister said that we have removed the concern of treatment in the hospital with the Ayushman Bharat scheme. He said that we are also removing the worries of house-electricity-gas. Prime Minister Modi said that today the doors of banks have opened for everyone. Even after so many years of independence, only three crore families had access to tap water. He said that due to the efforts of the last three and a half years, piped water has started reaching 11 crore families. Prime Minister Modi said that extensive work is being done in the country regarding irrigation, and every possible help is being given to the farmers.

He said that small farmers who used to crave for government assistance are also being given direct assistance. Prime Minister Modi talked about the Kisan Samman Nidhi and said that Lord Devnarayan made cow service a medium for the empowerment of the society, in the last few years the country has also moved forward in this direction. A campaign of free vaccination of crores of animals is going on in the country. He said that for the first time, the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Commission has been formed for cow welfare. Prime Minister Modi said that livestock has been a strong part of not only our faith but also of the rural economy. He said that Govardhan Yojana is also going on which is a campaign to convert cow dung to electricity. Prime Minister Modi said that Lord Devnarayan expanded the spirit of harmony, there is reverence for him among every section of people. Prime Minister Modi described Rajasthan as a land of heritage and talked to the great men of Rajasthan and said that this soil has shown the way and inspired the nation in every period. He said that India is not just a land, it is a feeling. There were attempts to break our ideological legacy. Prime Minister Modi spoke about the glorious past of Gujjar society and said that this society has been a symbol of valour and bravery. He said that it is the misfortune of the country that he could not get the place he deserved. Today's new India is also correcting those mistakes committed decades ago. Whoever contributed in the development is being brought to the fore.

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