Ice Cubes Is Beneficial For Skin In Monsoons

Aug 02 2019 02:24 PM
Ice Cubes Is Beneficial For Skin In Monsoons

Ice cubes are extremely beneficial for your skin. It can also be a boon to your beauty. You can get many benefits if you come to use it properly. During the summer and monsoon seasons, you can overcome many problems, from a piece of snow to a pimple in these seasons to the oily skin. Let us know what the benefits of Ice Cubes are.

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* If you have trouble with tanning pork, make a paste of potatoes, cucumber and tomato and ice. Rub it on your face for two minutes and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off the face. It will also relieve you of irritation and swelling and will shine in your face.

* Monsoons cause viscosity and oily skin problems. Add cucumber, potato and tomato paste as well as a little lemon juice. Using this ice cube, you can also eliminate the stench from the underarm.

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* You can also use an ice cube made of aloe vera to eliminate the discomfort of tanning and sunburn. Mix neem or jasmine oil in a small quantity. Rub in the affected area for two minutes and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash. This will also make your skin softer.

* Make an ice cube with milk and green tea for puffy eyes. Boil the green tea bag in half a cup of water. When cooled, add milk and add ice. Place it on your eyes and make sure that you do so. This will also relax your eyes.

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* If you also have redness or rashes after waxing, use the Ice Cube after you do so. Add some rose water to it if you wish. This cube is very beneficial for sensitive skin.

* Ice cubes Keep the makeup intact for a long time. Take an ice piece after washing and wiping your faces before makeup and rub well on the face. Then apply a moisturizer and do your makeup.

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