If you are going to buy a new house or shop, then you must know these 10 things related to Vastu, you will always be blessed by Goddess Lakshm
If you are going to buy a new house or shop, then you must know these 10 things related to Vastu, you will always be blessed by Goddess Lakshm

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science used to invite positive energy into homes, shops, or businesses. According to Vastu principles, structures built in alignment with its guidelines are believed to bring prosperity and ensure the continuous blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

If you're planning to buy a new home or shop, it's advisable to adhere to Vastu rules strictly. Let's explore some key considerations related to Vastu.

Rules of Vastu Shastra for Homes and Shops

In Vastu Shastra, cardinal directions hold significant importance. The main entrance of a home or shop should ideally face east or north. The prayer room (puja sthal) in homes should be in the northeast corner, while bedrooms are recommended to be in the southwest direction. Similarly, the kitchen should be located in the southeast, known as the agni kona.

Structural Guidelines

The shape of homes or shops should ideally be square or rectangular. Irregular shapes are considered inauspicious according to Vastu principles.

Adequate windows are essential as per Vastu, allowing natural light and air to enter. Windows should preferably be in the south or west directions.

The main door of a home or shop should be large and impressive, without obstructions in front. The roof should be flat to ensure stability and prosperity.

Roof Slope and Colors

The slope of the roof should be from southwest to northeast according to Vastu principles.

Light and soothing colors such as white or light shades are recommended for walls as they promote positivity and growth. Avoid using dark colors excessively.

Water Placement

Water storage in homes or shops should be in the northeast direction, and arrangements for water drainage should be proper.

Plants and Decorative Items

Plant auspicious plants like tulsi, money plant, or aloe vera around your home or shop. Avoid thorny plants near the premises.

Enhancing Business Success

To boost business success, you can place items like Shri Yantra, Vastu Yantra, a crystal turtle, or a crystal ball in your shop. These are believed to enhance positive energy flow.

Shankh Placement

Installing a conch shell (shankh) in your shop is considered auspicious as it is believed to please Goddess Lakshmi, bringing prosperity and success.

Avoid Over-decoration

Avoid excessively decorating the entrance of your home or shop with ornate items. According to Vastu experts, this may hinder the arrival of good opportunities. The entrance should always be clean and clutter-free.

Implementing these Vastu guidelines while setting up your home or shop is believed to create a harmonious environment conducive to prosperity and success.

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