If you are upset with hair fall, do this 4 yoga asanas

Today is International Yoga Day. In such a situation, if you are troubled by your falling hair, then today we are going to tell you some asanas that you can do. Let's know.  

Substituting - It removes the problem of weakening and falling of hair easily. Yes and it is also called downward facing dog pose. It is also effective in easy muscle tightness, improving digestion and relieving stress. Do not do this asana by people who are going through problems of pregnant, injured, weak, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, spine, shoulder, waist, knee, arms or wrists.

Vajrasana – It is also known as the thunderbolt pose. In fact, this asana can be done anytime throughout the day. It is helpful in controlling hair fall and is also adopted to keep the digestion fine. After eating, you must sit in this asana for a while every day. Although there is a knee surgery, if there is any problem related to the thigh, do not do this.

Uttanasan – Known as the forward bending camel pose, this easy to enhance the beauty of hair. With this, while doing this easy, the head bends downwards, so the blood circulation in the head is better and the hair loss is less. This asana also strengthens the bones and knees of the feet. At the same time, if there is a problem in bending down, stomach trouble or knee pain, this asana should not be done in pregnancy.

Sarvangasana – This is a shoulder stand and do sarvangasana to avoid the problem of hair fall. By doing this, the muscles of the heart are strengthened and the blood is cleaned with this easy. In the event of neck pain, high blood pressure, hypertension, it is better for health not to do it.

If you have to bring a natural glow on the face, then follow these tips.

Sesame oil is best for both hair and skin

If you are troubled by pimples then use watermelon like this

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