If you sneeze as soon as you come out in the sun, then it is not an allergy, know about it.

If there is going to be a sneeze sometimes and for some reason it does not come, then all of you must have told the elders that look at the sun so that the sneeze can come out completely. However, what happens when you keep sneezing constantly as soon as you go out in the sun? In fact, it also happens that after a few seconds of going out in the sun, sneezes start coming and many people consider it to be an allergy, but it does not mean allergy. In fact, according to a report, this is due to a disorder called fotic sniz reflex. In it, looking at the light starts sneezing. In fact, many people have this disorder and some people get very upset with it. Yes, and the reason for this may be another syndrome called ACHOO. Now let us tell you about both of these disorders.

Fotic snies reflux - G. It's not actually a disease. When a person comes out of a dark place and suddenly comes into the light or the sun, suddenly many sneezes start coming. In fact, as soon as the bright light comes, the nerve of the eyes signals the brain and starts sneezing as a reaction. At the same time, this condition is called fotic sniz reflux. About 10 to 35% of the population suffers from this disorder and the symptoms of foatic sniz reflux are particularly common in people whose household members have this problem.

ACHOO syndrome - The second cause of sneezing in the sun can be Achu syndrome. Yes, and its scientific name is Autosomal Dominant Compulsive Helio -Ophthalmic Outburst. According to the data coming out, this problem can be seen in about two to three out of 10 people. At the same time, in this reflex, the nasal passage gets protection and the lungs also avoid falling prey to infection. At the same time, when a person sneezes, the diaphragm shrinks quite a lot. At the same time, a lot of bacteria get out of the body at the same time, which reduces the risk of infection. Let us tell you that at the time of sneezing in the sun, the process of reaching the signal to the brain by the nervous system starts to speed up and it has an effect on the nervous system and there are a lot of sneezes at the same time.

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