If you want to increase your weight, then consume this item with milk

Sep 21 2019 07:18 PM
If you want to increase your weight, then consume this item with milk

Today we are going to tell you about one thing, which is very beneficial for almost all people and with the help of this thing you will be able to increase your weight fast. If you are tired of trying a lot of tips to increase your weight, then today we are telling you the recipe, using which your weight will start increasing by 100 percent. For this, milk and ashwagandha will have to be consumed. Let's know how milk and ashwagandha are used to gain weight.

Boys and girls, who are thinking of increasing their weight through Ashwagandha, should serve Ashwagandha with milk, as well as drink more food and exercise or exercise, Ashwagandha will help you in gaining weight. This will increase your appetite, keep your hormones in balance, keep your digestion right.

Take one spoon of ashwagandha powder twice a day in the morning and evening with lukewarm milk. Along with this, increase your daily calorie intake and also exercise. This will increase your weight by 3 to 4 kg in a month. Its intake causes rapid weight gain. Along with consuming it, it is also necessary to exercise.

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