If your marriage is not happening even after the lacks of efforts then do this today
If your marriage is not happening even after the lacks of efforts then do this today

It is said that the day of Jupiter in Hinduism is the view of Devguru, and his worship today makes everything successful in life. In this way, the worship and worship of the Devguru strengthens their position in the horoscope which brings prosperity, dignity, happiness and education in life. At the same time, it strengthens marital life. It is said that if someone is being interrupted, he should be able to worship Devguru Jupiter and get the grace of him because it brings an end to marital distress. So let us tell you today some measures to delight Jupiter Dev.

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1. Use yellow color to delight the Devguru on the day of Thursday, hold yellow cloth on this day. Also use the yellow object to benefit from it.

2. They say: On the day of Thursday, the donation of the yellow thing also brings blessings to life and you may wish to donate yellow lentils or yellow cloth according to your own power.

3. When you fast and fasting on the day of Thursday, observe the banana tree by holding a yellow cloth and make a good and chickpea. Say it makes Jupiter dev happy.

4. If your marriage is being interrupted, make a vow of Thursday and burn the lamp of ghee. With this the shukla side should bathe a little turmeric in water every 11 on Thursday, so that the marriage barrier is redressed and your marriage is done soon.

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