IITG creates a 'cheap' prosthetic leg for Indian needs
IITG creates a 'cheap' prosthetic leg for Indian needs

NEW DELHI: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IITG) in Guwahati claim to have developed a low-cost prosthetic limb that is specially tailored to Indian needs  Indian needs such as cross-legged sitting and deep squatting.

The prosthetic leg with reduced weight can be adjusted for different age groups and stages of prosthesis use. The team is currently testing prototypes of the model they built, it said. 

According to the researchers, prosthesis development in India has numerous hurdles, and highly functional mobility for amputees necessitates expensive equipment with advanced characteristics. "Market items made using western technology overlook Indian locomotor demands, such as cross-legged sitting, deep squatting for toilet usage, and Yoga exercise postures that can be employed for rehabilitation," said S Kanagaraj, Professor of IIT Guwahati's Department of Mechanical Engineering.

He claims that tough terrain makes typical ankle joints in prostheses perform poorly and that a lack of dynamic balance can cause the user to fall during specific physical exercises. "The knee joint developed by our team has a spring-assisted deep squat mechanism, which aids in more comfortable use of the Indian toilet system, the knee-rotating mechanism aids cross-legged sitting, and the locking mechanism aids in reducing patients' fear of falling while walking on unfamiliar terrain," Kanagraj said.

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