Imran Khan about to sign new film ?
Imran Khan about to sign new film ?

Imran Khan after his last film Katti Batti has not signed any film. Now recently Imran is about to sign next film of Raj Singh Chaudhary which will be drama full of darkness, grittiness. Raj is the same person seen in Gulaal playing lead male role.

Reported by a source, “While Imran has liked the story, he has not signed any film as yet.” He asked director to make changes and Raj is now ready with new draft.

Imran on asking about the project says, “It’s promising, but in my opinion, needs work.Anurag also had some ideas for the screenplay, which were to be incorporated in the new draft. So yeah, announcements notwithstanding, there isn’t a locked screenplay yet, nor have we talked dates or money.”

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