In anger, Trying crossed the limits, said to this person - 'You have come by begging'
In anger, Trying crossed the limits, said to this person - 'You have come by begging'

The reality show of famous Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is a big hit every day, in this show people do not miss the slightest of insulting each other. Recently, there was a fight between Azam and Saisha Shinde, after which the atmosphere of the house changed a lot. Ajama angrily said some such things about Saisha that some people could not digest.

Kangana Ranaut's show 'Lock Up' is in its last phase, but still the audience's interest about this show remains. Moving towards the finale, the show is witnessing acrimonious clashes. Recently, there was a lot of uproar in this show regarding yoga mats. Actually, Alt Balaji has shared a video on its official social media account in which an argument can be seen between the inmates of Kangana's jail.
In this video clip of the same new episode, someone cut Saisha's yoga mat, after which a lot of commotion started. Saddened by the mat being cut, Saisha took all her anger out on Azma Fallah. He said, 'If you have done this for the footage, then you do not know what a bad thing you have done.' After listening to Sayesha, the anger of Aajam also reached the seventh heaven and she starts speaking very badly to him. Ajama even told Saisha that she had come to the show by begging.

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