In front of a 5-year-old girl, the father cut off the mother, the blood splashes fell on the innocent...
In front of a 5-year-old girl, the father cut off the mother, the blood splashes fell on the innocent...

Jaipur: Asensational case has come to light from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. In front of the five-year-old girl, her father slit her mother's throat. A fountain of blood was released from the throat, the splashes of which also fell on the child. The wife's blood continued to flow and the husband left her there yearning to die and fled with his bike. Later, the neighbours admitted the woman to the hospital in an unconscious state. A five-year-old girl's crying is bad. At present, the police have registered a case against the husband. Shastri Nagar police station is investigating the case.

Pooja, 26, told the Shastri Nagar police station that she was married to Satyaveer Singh about seven years ago. He had a daughter two years later. Almost every day, the husband used to come home drunk and beat her up. Fed up with this, the husband and wife finally divorced. Pooja started living separately with her five-year-old daughter. Two months ago, the divorce took place. Pooja used to work with a family in Shastri Nagar and also lived there to take care of the family elderly.

On the night of May 30, the husband had come to meet Pooja, but she refused to meet her. Satyaveer said that once he meets his daughter, then he will go away. Pooja agreed and sent her daughter to the father to meet her. She sat nearby too. The father spoke to his daughter on a video call. Meanwhile, Pooja came there and asked her daughter to go with her. This angered Satyaveer. He pulled out a knife from his pocket and attacked Pooja's throat. After which Pooja fell to the ground and started suffering, leaving her in a blood-soaked condition and her husband picked up the bike and fled. Five-year-old Cheema sat next to her mother crying and later the neighbours came to know that they ran and admitted Pooja to the hospital. In a serious condition, Pooja has lodged a complaint with the police and lodged an FIR.

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