In which language is Hindi or English more chances of employment?

India, a country of unity in diversity, has a large number of spoken languages ​​and constitutionally 22 languages ​​have also been given official language status. Yet Hindi is the most spoken language and English is spoken by less than 10 percent of the population. In the midst of the war of languages, career options are also being chosen among them. Which is the hottest subject today and the study of which subject can open the doors of better employment, the Indian Government has given information through its social media handle. The Government of India has advised students to choose Sanskrit subject for employment in the midst of Hindi-English battle.

A KOO has been posted on indigenous micro-blogging platform Ku App through MyGovIndia (@MyGovIndia), a platform to connect with citizens of the Government of India. In this post made on Wednesday, the forum has said, 'Good news! Sanskrit education is going to create more employment opportunities. #TransformingIndia'

Along with this post, the government has also shared a graphics. At the top of this graphics is a photograph of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthanam, a college recognized by the Government of India. It is written below that the education of Sanskrit is going to provide many employment opportunities for the students. With which the Sanskrit University is about to become a large multidisciplinary institution for higher education.

It is worth mentioning that Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthanam is an educational institution located in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, which is a deemed university fully funded by the Indian Government. It was established in 1970 by the Central Government on the recommendation of the Sanskrit Commission in the year 1956-57. At present, more than a dozen campuses of this college are being operated in all the states across the country.

Here Prak-Shastri, Shastri, Acharya, Vidya-Varidhi, Shiksha-Shastri and Shiksha-Acharya courses have been introduced. Whereas literature, grammar, astrology, education, Jain philosophy and modern departments have started operating in this campus. At the same time, approvals of other departments including Vedas, Purana, History, Sankhya Yoga have also been made available near the campus. Prakashastri, Shastri, (B.A.) Acharya (M.A.), Shikshashastri (B.Ed.), Shikshaacharya (M.Ed.) and Vidyavaridhi courses are being conducted in the campus. Whereas along with courses of Sanskrit teaching, Vastu, Astrology, courses are also being conducted through distance education in Open Swadhyaya Peeth.


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