Have Beautiful Looking Feet With These Simple Ways

Jan 10 2021 03:42 PM
Have Beautiful Looking Feet With These Simple Ways

The whole beauty of the feet is with beautiful nails, the color of the feet is blond and the skin is too soft, but the nails are crooked or black, so the seductiveness of the feet is natural. Foot spa is a better option. Both legs are inserted into the bubbling spa machine. In which washing and brushing of feet are done. By doing so, the dead skin is removed and the skin becomes soft and soft.

How to Do Foot Spa -

1. Clean Nail Polish: This is the first stage of the foot spa. Choose acetone-free remover to clean the nail polish of the legs (which cleans well)

2. Soak the feet: Do it only after taking a pedicure bath and shower, but the foot spa uses a bubbling machine to make the skin of the customer's feet soft in five minutes. You can also turn on the heater so that the water becomes lukewarm. This will help in the early removal of the dead skin of the feet.

3. Remove dead skin: Rub and clean the feet with a scrub wherever there is hard skin around the ankles and thumb. Use foot scrub (pumice stone) and exfoliating specifically, it removes dead skin rapidly.

4. Clips and Shape Nils: Many young women love long nails but long nails look bad if they are not in the right size, so cut them with a cleaner and give them a perfect and proper length from the file.

5. Remove cuticles: Cover the cuticle nails and make their brightness discolored so that the nails are prevented from growing. Move the cuticle backward to its place.

6. Remove extra skin: Excess skin accumulates around the nails. It is mostly in the feet which have dry skin. Sometimes this extra skin becomes tighter and more pointed than nails. Cut it around the nails with the help of a nail nipper.

7. Moisturize​: Then apply a good cloth moisturize and foot cream to make the skin and nails of the feet soft. Use more cream as you can with the skin. After the foot spa, the skin will become so soft that the cream will easily and soon be immersed in the skin. It's better. This will show how many mothers your skin requires.

8. Nail Polish: Finally apply the base coat of nail polish to the nails. Put a nail polish of the customer's favorite on it.

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