Chinese ship India stopped was carrying nuclear-capable equipment to Pakistan
Chinese ship India stopped was carrying nuclear-capable equipment to Pakistan

Ahmedabad: A Chinese ship was stopped last month at Kandla Port in Gujarat. Sensitive equipment was found in this Chinese ship going to Karachi, Pakistan. India has expressed its concern to China, expressing its displeasure over it. According to news agency PTI, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar, while talking to the press on Thursday, expressed the hope that China will take appropriate steps.

Ravish Kumar said that it is expected from China that it will take such steps, to ensure that the authorities will not be involved in the activities that create tension between the two countries. At the same time, China has reacted to the statement made by the spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry. China has claimed that the ship did not have military material. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the heat treatment furnace shell system recovered from the ship is a dual-use material.

It is used at both civil and military levels. He claimed that there is nothing like increasing tension in it. Let us tell you that a ship carrying the flag of Hong Kong was intercepted by Indian Customs Officers on the 3rd of February. The ship, brought to Kandla Port for detailed inspection, was found to have such machinery, which is used as an industrial dryer.

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