India has widespread tradition of ‘vaad-vivad’: Ram Nath Kovind
India has widespread tradition of ‘vaad-vivad’: Ram Nath Kovind

President Ram Nath Kovind said on Monday that India has a long legacy of 'vaad-vivaad' and 'samvaad' (debates and discussions), and that today's youth are eager to reconnect with that heritage.

"India's ancient philosophy is widely regarded as far more nuanced and robust than the best philosophical works from other countries. People nowadays, particularly young people, are eager to learn more - not only in terms of facts, but also in terms of the critical thinking skills required to arrive at the truth "On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the India International Centre (IIC) here, the President stated.

It should be noted that when the idea for the IIC as an international platform for exchange of views was created in 1958, the world was dealing with concerns such as a fair and stable international order, as well as the legacy responsibilities of two World Wars.

"In Asia and Africa, the process of decolonisation was underway, with new aspirations impacting the evolving international order. As the modern world undergoes a period of transition, fora like the IIC become even more important “Presidnet said.

The founders of this organisation foresaw what would happen in the years ahead, and how the IIC could play a role in the establishment of a new nation while also contributing to worldwide discussions.

"Since its inception in the early 1960s, the Centre's programmes have reflected global and national concerns and continue to promote awareness and influence public opinion on pertinent issues," he said. The President said that the IIC has opted to focus on programmes pertaining to women and gender during its Diamond Jubilee year.

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