India Mobile Congress 2023: PM Modi Declares 2014 is not a date, but a change
India Mobile Congress 2023: PM Modi Declares 2014 is not a date, but a change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today slammed Congress, as he termed 2014 as not just a date but a 'Badlav' (Change) when people rejected outdated phones with frozen screens to choose a government that has transformed the landscape.

Delivering his keynote speech at the India Mobile Congress, Modi presented compelling statistics illustrating India's transition from a mobile phone importer to an exporter. He also highlighted the noteworthy trend of prominent tech giants, including Apple and Google, expressing a strong interest in setting up manufacturing operations within the nation.

The Prime Minister articulated, "2014 is not just a date; it is a 'badlav' (change)." In a metaphorical swipe at the Congress-led UPA government, he drew a parallel between their stagnation and the inefficacy of outdated, frozen-screen phones. Just as such phones remained unresponsive to countless swipes and button presses, he contended that the previous administration had similarly become immobilized.

Modi underscored the significance of this transition, stating, "A restart, battery replacement, or even a complete change of the battery did not yield results. In 2014, the people abandoned such outdated phones and bestowed upon us the opportunity to serve the nation."

The Prime Minister lauded India's achievement in deploying the fastest 5G mobile network and its aspirations to lead in the emerging 6G technology landscape.

He proudly proclaimed that "the world is now embracing 'made in India' mobile phones." Notably, India's mobile broadband speed has ascended from 118th place to the 43rd position, and over four lakh 5G base stations were established within a year of rolling out 5G services.

Modi stressed the government's commitment to granting citizens access to capital, resources, and cutting-edge technology, making it a top priority.

Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, speaking at the India Mobile Congress, affirmed that India is evolving into a leader in telecom technology development and export. He emphasized the world's growing optimism towards India, attributing this transformation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visionary leadership.

Vaishnaw acknowledged the telecom sector's significant achievements in connectivity, affordability, and standards, along with its emergence from the shadows of litigation and past controversies such as the 2G scam.

He concluded by underscoring the pivotal role of telecom as the gateway to the digital realm, applauding India's rapid adoption of 5G services and the nation's clear vision for 6G technology.

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