WHO is going to investigate allegations of spreading corona in China
WHO is going to investigate allegations of spreading corona in China

Bowing to pressure from many countries of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed to an independent investigation into its role in preventing the corona epidemic. Around 120 countries of the world including India started the siege of China along with WHO. The proposal was presented at a meeting of the WHO's premier body, the World Health Assembly (WHA), on behalf of the European Union seeking to investigate the role of the WHO and detect the source of the virus. This epidemic has deeply hurt the global economy, while more than three lakh people have lost their lives.

In the two-day 73rd meeting of the WHO's decision-making body (WHA), which started on Monday, WHO chief Tedros Adhonom Ghebreyes hinted at a report that he said the organization's handling of the Covid-19 Will start an independent investigation of the role as soon as possible. The first report of the Supervisory Advisory Body investigating the role of WHO regarding this epidemic has been published on Monday. The 11-page report questioned whether the WHO had alerted the world to the outbreaks of Covid-19 at the right time and whether the WHO's role in providing travel advice to member states needed to be assessed.

In the two-day meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA), an investigation was sought to find the source of coronavirus. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly demanded an investigation into how the virus was born in Wuhan city of China and after that what action did China take to stop it. The US President also stopped the World Health Organization's help. In the WHA meeting, a draft proposal has been presented by the European Union of 27 countries, which has been supported by many countries.

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