India to become world's largest population by 2027, UN predicts

Beijing: Chinese demographicanalysts (Chinese Demographers) say India will become the world's most populous country before the 2027 United Nations launch (UN Projections) and overtake China in terms of population, where (in China) birth rates have been steadily declining over the past few years.

India is expected to grow by 273 million people by 2050. A United Nations report estimated in 2019 that India would surpass China in terms of population by 2027 and become the world's most populous country. Moreover, the report also states that India will remain the most populous country by the end of this current century.

According to UN data, India's estimated population in 2019 was 1.37 billion and China's was 1.43 billion. China released a decade-long census data on Tuesday, saying china's population as the world's most populous country has risen to 1.411.78 billion, the slowest. According to official estimates, china, the world's most populous country, is likely to decline from next year.

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