India was once called a country of 'beggars', today America is pleading for wheat from the same

New Delhi: There is criticism all around for banning the export of wheat by the Government of India. Many countries of the world including America have expressed concern over this decision of the government. However, India has taken this decision so that the increasing price of wheat and flour rising in the country can be controlled. America is irritated by banning the export of wheat.

In the G-7 meeting held in Germany, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that India is obstructing access to wheat. He has termed it as a 'wrong step at the wrong time'. Vilsack said that we need a market that helps in delivering goods to the needy people. It is noteworthy that on May 13, India had banned the export of wheat. India has imposed this ban at a time when the supply of wheat across the world has been affected due to the Russia-Ukraine war. India is one of the countries in the world that exports the most wheat. The highest production of wheat is also done in India after China. In 2021-22, 1,113 lakh tonnes of wheat has been produced in India.

America is getting angry today over India's decision to ban wheat exports, but there was a time when America used to threaten India for wheat. At that time India used to depend on America for wheat. During the 1965 war with Pakistan, America threatened India not to give wheat. Not only this, America had once called India a country of 'beggars'.

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