Do this work immediately to get pension on time, Ministry of Defense's special appeal

On the one hand, pension is the strongest support for a person's old age, on the other hand, its amount is also strengthening the person financially. If you too rely on keeping your life safe through pension, then this information is very much needed for you. To get the pension, now you have to deal with important work in India for just 5 days, otherwise, there may be a delay in getting it.

A defence ministry spokesperson has informed the users about the seriousness of the subject and has released the information on the country's own micro-blogging platform, the KOO app. Thus, the Ministry of Defence has said in a KOO that - the "Ministry of Defence requests the defence pensioners to positively complete their annual identity/life certification by 25th May 2022 to ensure a smooth process of monthly pension. ''

To know the process of annual identification/life certification,

The Ministry of Defence has also made a special request to the defence pensioners to complete their annual identity by May 25, 2022, to ensure a smooth process of monthly pension. The ministry said that the verification of data received till Tuesday, May 17, 2022, has revealed that 43,774 defence pensioners who opted for the online pension distribution system 'SPARSH' have neither completed the process of their annual identification online nor through their respective banks.  

In the case of old pensioners who retired before 2016 and built on the old system of pension, it has been heard that about 1.2 lakh pensioners have not completed their annual identification process through any of the available means. For information, let us know that earlier this month, there was a delay in the disbursement of the monthly pension to 58,275 defence pensioners. The reason for this is that their banks could not confirm their annual identity till April 30.  

So this time, get serious about the process and complete the process within 5 days so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble in getting the pension.

This can be done in this way annual identification/life certification 

Digital Life Proof Online/Life Proof Face App for Android Users

- Details of installation and usage are obtained  here

Pensioners can also visit the Common Service Centres (CSCs) to complete the annual identification.

Your nearest CSC here

Pensioners can also visit their nearest DPDO to update their life certification. Old pensioners can issue an update to their life certification with their respective banks.

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