India's Youngest Author - Bhavik Ahuja - The World of 64 Squares
India's Youngest Author - Bhavik Ahuja - The World of 64 Squares

The World of 64 Squares is a book about Chess written by a 14 year old author- Bhavik Ahuja. It is essentially a summary of everything one needs to know to become an expert in chess. Bhavik is an international chess player and commonwealth medalist, with a FIDE chess rating of 1900. He is also the co-founder of Samvedna, a foundation that has taught over 350 underprivileged children chess. Additionally, he is the youngest male author in India, as he published this book when he was only 13 years old. This book guarantees that you will at least achieve an international rating post reading it.

Starting with the basics (rules, names and points of pieces, notation e.t.c) followed by general chess knowledge, effects of chess, introduction and approach to openings, middlegame tips, all the segments of middlegame including tactics, calculation, strategy, pawn structure, attack, defence, mating patterns and much more, all the important endgames, basic checkmates, the different variants of chess and finally assessments to check how much you learnt - this book has it all.

Are you too someone who really wants to know a lot more about this dynamic game? Are you too someone who hates to rote learn? Well then don't waste more time; flip the pages for this book is then just for you!

This book is available on Amazon and Flipkart if anyone is interested to purchase it and have a head-start in their journey of chess.

To know more about chess in general, and learn from the tips and experiences of Bhavik, don't forget to check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel: Bhavik Ahuja

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