Insects found in dinner of a luxury hotel, the actress shared video

Aug 24 2019 09:18 AM
Insects found in dinner of a luxury hotel, the actress shared video

Recently, Actor Rahul Bose uploaded a video on social media and during that time he showed a bill of his own in the video. You may recall that he was a Bill 2 banana and he paid Rs 442 for those two bananas. He had said that his bill belonged to a luxury hotel in Chandigarh where he had bought two bananas. Rahul Bose trolls about the bill at that time, but many supported him. In a video filed by Rahul Bose, the excise and tax department also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the luxury hotel, and now Section 375's Actresses Meera Chopra has also made a complaint about the food of a luxury hotel in Ahmedabad, which is increasingly viral. Is happening.



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Recently Actress Meera Chopra shared this video on her Instagram and you can see that in this video she has revealed a shocking thing. The hotel is actually named Double Tree Hilton, and at the beginning of the video, she is looking at her breakfast food. You can see some bugs appearing on the plate of breakfast food and after seeing these bugs, the actress itself was surprised.

Meera Chopra is speaking in the background of the video, "I am at the Hotel Double Tree Hilton in Ahmedabad, I have asked for this food from the room service. But see what it looks like. These are bugs. What I saw at my first meal is paying a lot of money to stay here. There is too much price for everything. I've been here for the past one week and have been sick ever since. And I now understand why I came here and fell ill. We can't ignore it."

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