Indian cricketer Raman Lamba had died after being hit on the head

Feb 23 2020 09:40 AM
Indian cricketer Raman Lamba had died after being hit on the head

You all would know Raman Lamba, who is known for the Indian team. Raman Lamba Indian cricketer playing 4 Tests and 32 One Day matches. Born on 2 January 1960 in Meerut. Right hand batsman. And a fielder, who was famous about that he did not wear a helmet while standing fielding around the batsman. And the same fame took over one day. Raman Lamba used to say jokingly, "I am the don of Dhaka". On the day of the match, Bangladeshi left arm spinner Saifullah Khan was bowling. Three balls of the over were left. Mehrab Hussain on strike. The captain called Raman Lamba at the forward short leg. That is, one step away from the batsman. Mohammad Aminul Islam was captaining. He was also the captain of Bangladesh. Aminul asks Lamba to wear a helmet. Lamba said that there are only three balls left, let us stand.

Mehrab Hussain of Mohammedan Sporting Club played the fourth ball of the over. Hit the bridge The ball went straight to Raman Lamba's head. The ball was hit so hard that it hit the wicketkeeper's gloves after hitting the head. Captain Aminul Islam rushed to Lamba. Asked whether he was alright or not. Lamba's reply was "Bulli, I am dead man." On seeing this, the injury to the head of Lamba did not look so dangerous. But he was taken to the hospital. There was bleeding inside his head. A neurosurgeon also flew in from Delhi. But nothing could be done. Lamba went into a coma and died on 23 February 1998.

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