Indian team started fire test, coach held 20-20 times for players
Indian team started fire test, coach held 20-20 times for players

Catching Indian team in the world of cricket is considered good, but fielding coach R. Sridhar is trying to improve it in straightforward throw in the World Cup and except Ravindra Jadeja, the target of the other Indian players on the wicket is not considered good even if they are tight and agile.

Explain that Team India is ready to launch its campaign in Southampton on June 5 in the current World Cup. Where he is in front of South Africa, in the first match. That's what happened yesterday with his first match host England.

On the other hand, Sridhar has now prepared a round-the-clock fielding drill to strengthen the Indian team completely, in which the fielder is bowling the ball on the wicket at the non striker end with 6 different positions and also his photos and videos. The social media is becoming very viral. At the same time the coach told BCCI TV after the net session that, 'We have participated in the fielding season and the purpose of this session was to hit directly. Our focus was on whether the player aims at accurate striking edge of non striker end from different angles. He further says that we initially started with a drill 'Round the clock' in which the players had to hit the stump 20 times with 6 different positions. '








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