Ministry of AYUSH reveals the claim of corona medicine is false
Ministry of AYUSH reveals the claim of corona medicine is false

Many claims are being made around the coronavirus medicines worldwide. Meanwhile, AYUSH Minister Shripad Naik said in the Lok Sabha on Friday that the information being circulated about the effectiveness of various medicines for dealing with the coronavirus is not verified. He also made it clear that the ministry has nothing to do with this. In response to supplementary questions of Tejashwi Surya, Uttam Kumar Reddy and Shatabdi Roy in the House, Naik also said that the consultation issued by the Ministry of AYUSH did not claim corona treatment with any medication.

In his statement, the Minister of AYUSH said that in consultation only the measures to strengthen the respiratory system were suggested. Reddy and Shatabdi questioned that some people of the ruling party are claiming to be recovering corona from cow urine and some other things, what does the ministry say on this? In response to this, the Minister said that a lot of things are being circulated. Some information is being disseminated which is not verified. It has nothing to do with the ministry.

Apart from this, the Lok Sabha Speaker said that some things are related to the old tradition of India. It is up to you to believe it or not. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also made it clear in the name of the country that no medicine or vaccine has been prepared to fight the coronavirus so far. PM Modi said that if it is not necessary, then do not leave the house, then only the coronavirus can be prevented from spreading.

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