Indian engineers develop 60 times cheaper ventilators
Indian engineers develop 60 times cheaper ventilators

Washington: Corona virus epidemic has killed more than 50 thousand people in more than 200 countries of the world. This virus has also been wreaked havoc on America, the world's most powerful country. In such a situation, teams of scientists, doctors and engineers are working day and night to save people from this epidemic. In the midst of this crisis, the US has also become convinced of the ventilators made by Indian engineers.

Actually, America has become the center of Corona virus at this time. More than two lakh people suffer from this virus here. From the US government to the experts, one lakh deaths have been expressed. In this time of crisis, America is facing a shortage of at least seven lakh ventilators. In these conditions, Indian engineers with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have manufactured low-cost ventilators. The price of this ventilator is just US $ 500, which is about 37,500 rupees according to the Indian currency.

Let us tell you that the price of ventilators currently being used in the US is about Rs 22.50 lakhs. That is, the new ventilator designed is 60 times cheaper than the existing ventilators. The United States has ordered this ventilator to be made by 11 different companies for making car and aircraft for commercial production in the next few weeks after the final test.

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