Indian Government Issues Advisory to Citizens in Israel Amidst Conflict
Indian Government Issues Advisory to Citizens in Israel Amidst Conflict

New Delhi Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Indian government issued a precautionary advisory on Tuesday for its nationals residing in Israel, urging them to seek refuge in safe areas within the country.

Citing the current security situation and local safety alerts, the Indian Embassy posted on the microblogging site X, advising all Indian nationals in Israel, particularly those situated in border areas in the north and south, to relocate to secure zones within the country. The Embassy assured that it maintains communication with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of all Indian citizens.

The advisory included contact details for assistance and clarification, with the embassy sharing a helpline number (+972-35226748) and an email address ( Additionally, the embassy provided a hotline number for the Population and Immigration Authority of Israel (1700707889).

This advisory follows an unfortunate incident where an Indian citizen lost his life and two others sustained injuries after an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon struck an orchard near Israel's northern border community of Margaliot. The three individuals affected were from the southern state of Kerala.

The deceased was identified as 31-year-old Pat Nibin Maxwell from Kollam, Kerala. Maxwell had recently arrived in Israel and was employed on a farm at the time of the attack. The two injured individuals were identified as Bush Joseph George and Paul Melvin.

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