Indian Navy Readies INS Imphal: Guided Missile Destroyer Set for Commissioning
Indian Navy Readies INS Imphal: Guided Missile Destroyer Set for Commissioning

Today, the Indian Navy is poised to commission the INS Imphal, a stealth-guided missile destroyer crafted within India's borders. The ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, December 26, will witness Defence Minister Rajnath Singh officiating the commissioning at the naval dockyard in Mumbai.

The addition of INS Imphal to the Western Naval Command marks a significant milestone. Named after a city in the Northeastern region, the warship earned approval from the President in April 2019, making it the first of its kind to receive such recognition.

Key Features of INS Imphal: The INS Imphal boasts a remarkable array of cutting-edge weaponry and advanced sensors, featuring surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, and torpedoes among its arsenal.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance radar, the vessel facilitates precise target tracking for its weaponry.

This destroyer houses the formidable BrahMos surface-to-surface missiles and stands tall with a displacement of 7,400 tonnes and an overall length of 164 meters.
Its propulsion system relies on Combined Gas and Gas (COGAG) technology, enabling it to reach speeds exceeding 30 knots (equivalent to 56 km/hour).

The INS Imphal takes pride in its indigenous medium-range surface-to-air missiles, anti-submarine indigenous rocket launchers, and a 76mm super rapid gun mount.
Its anti-submarine warfare capabilities are enhanced by homegrown rocket launchers, torpedo launchers, and anti-submarine warfare helicopters.

Earlier in October, INS Imphal was officially handed over to the Indian Navy. Subsequently, the vessel achieved a significant feat by successfully test-firing the extended-range supersonic BrahMos missile last month. This marks a pioneering accomplishment as the first indigenous warship to achieve this before its commissioning.

The commissioning of INS Imphal signifies a momentous leap in India's naval capabilities, showcasing the nation's prowess in indigenous shipbuilding and state-of-the-art technology integration.

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