Indian Railways Launching 5 Vande Bharat Trains on Select Routes from 26 June
Indian Railways Launching 5 Vande Bharat Trains on Select Routes from 26 June

NEW DELHI: Indian Railways is preparing to commence operations of Vande Bharat trains on five additional routes starting from 26th June, following the tragic three-train accident in Odisha on 2nd June that resulted in the loss of 288 lives.

As per the available information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is anticipated to inaugurate these semi-high-speed trains through a video conference.

The five routes designated for the operation of these trains are as follows: Mumbai-Goa, Bangalore-Hubli, Patna-Ranchi, Bhopal-Indore, and Bhopal-Jabalpur.

Previously, due to the Odisha tragedy, the railway ministry had canceled the launch of the Mumbai-Goa Vande Bharat train. It is noteworthy that this will be the first instance of five Vande Bharat trains commencing operations on the same day.

In the meantime, the trial run for the Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat train is scheduled to commence within the next two days, subsequent to the arrival of its seven coaches at Patna railway junction on Tuesday.

ande Bharat Trains, also known as the Vande Bharat Express or Train 18, are a series of semi-high-speed electric multiple unit trains in India. They were designed and developed by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, under the "Make in India" initiative.

Vande Bharat Trains are considered a significant advancement in the Indian railway system. They are equipped with several modern features, including automatic doors, LED lighting, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS-based passenger information systems, and improved suspension systems for a smoother ride. These trains have a maximum operating speed of 160 km/h (99 mph) and are known for their efficient and comfortable travel experience.

One of the notable aspects of the Vande Bharat Trains is their aerodynamic design, which reduces air drag and improves energy efficiency. This design also enhances passenger comfort by minimizing noise and vibration levels during the journey.

The introduction of Vande Bharat Trains has been aimed at providing a world-class travel experience to passengers and reducing travel time between major cities in India. These trains have been deployed on various routes, connecting prominent cities like New Delhi to Varanasi, Katra, and Kanpur.

Vande Bharat Trains have gained popularity among passengers due to their speed, comfort, and modern amenities. They have received positive feedback for their punctuality, cleanliness, and overall passenger satisfaction. These trains have played a crucial role in elevating the Indian rail network's standards and setting a benchmark for future train designs in the country. Vande Bharat Trains symbolize India's commitment to technological innovation and progress in the railway sector, providing a glimpse of a modern and efficient transportation system for the nation.

Inaugural Trial Run of Vande Bharat Express between Patna and Ranchi

Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat Express to begin operation shortly this month

Mumbai-Goa Vande Bharat Express inaugural run on 3 June

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