Reasons Why Indian Toilets Are Better Than Western Ones

Aug 10 2019 07:48 PM
Reasons Why Indian Toilets Are Better Than Western Ones

Western civilization is dominating Indian culture. People are leaving Indian ways and adopting Western methods. Whether it's eating or wearing. One of these is the restroom. People are now using Western toilets in their homes. Of course, the Western restroom is comfortable to look at but has many disadvantages too. You may not even know about it. Let's tell you some of its disadvantages.

* Accrecent without anything
People are not able to exercise regularly. The best way to do this is to start using Indian toilets. In the Indian restroom, you get up and down. Using this, your blood circulation is perfect. Also, you will get rid of the pain in your arms and muscles. While in the Western restroom you sit in a relaxed posture so that you can't make too many appointments.

* Water saving
The waste toilet has a lot of water use, even though it is not properly cleaned. You need toilet paper for this. Indian toilets, on the other hand, use less water for cleaning and the cleanliness is also better.

* Digestive activity is correct
When you sit in the Indian toilet, there is pressure on your entire digestive system to clean your stomach. In the Western restroom, you sit comfortably but the stomach is not cleaned properly, which sometimes leads to decomposition problems.

* Easy to use for children
One of the most important features of Indian restrooms is that it can be easily used by children. Since it is connected to the surface, children can use it automatically without any support until they attain an age. There is a fear of children falling in the western restroom.

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