India's G-20 Presidency vital that world leaders focus on right issues
India's G-20 Presidency vital that world leaders focus on right issues

New Delhi: As India acquired the G-20 chair on Thursday, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar stated that New Delhi's goal would be to increase the relevance of the consensus on important global issues through a larger process of engagement.

Speaking at the G-20 University Connect initiative, the first event of India's G-20 presidency, Jaishankar stated that India would also work to establish itself as the voice of the global south, which includes Asia, Africa, and Latin America and must deal with the worst effects of polarisation and conflict in the developed world.

Addressing college students at the Sushma Swaraj Bhawan in this city, he stated, "India's G-20 presidency would be consultative, collaborative, and decisive. India is the mother of democracy." Virtual participants from a number of universities attended the event.

"Our G20 Presidency is occurring at a very pivotal time in world affairs. Focusing on the correct issues, especially those that touch the more vulnerable parts of the world, is extremely important for world leaders "At the occasion, which was attended by students from 75 different universities nationwide, Jaishankar made a statement.

During its G-20 leadership, India will raise concerns about topics including food and energy security, access to healthcare, climate action, and climate justice, he said.

"We have to take on the role of the Global South's voice. We worry that climate justice, climate action, and sustainable development may be neglected in favour of more pressing matters "added Jaishankar.

In order to advocate for collective action, "India has to take the lead, and that is exactly what we aim to do at G-20," he said.
According to Jaishankar, India's G20 presidency is taking place at a time when worldwide affairs are at a turning point, making it all the more important for leaders to concentrate on the correct problems, particularly those that affect the world's most vulnerable people.

"The G-20 is a diversified forum that aims to bring significant nations together to find common ground on important topics. Our goal is to increase the relevance of that consensus through a more extensive engagement process," he added said, adding that  India's history and culture have a long history of balancing different interests.

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