Indulge in the Scrumptious Treats Offered by Pizza Hut in Bangalore
Indulge in the Scrumptious Treats Offered by Pizza Hut in Bangalore

In June 1996, Pizza Hut brought its specific mix of flavours and seasonings to India with a popular restaurant in Bangalore, evolving into the first global chain to accomplish this. The brand's menu is a likeable combination of designated pizza varieties, tasty appetisers, delicious pasta, tempting desserts, and energising beverages. With its promise of freshness, particular taste, and affordability, this brand has turned into the top preference for fast food lovers in India. So, in this post, we will discuss the various lip-smacking dishes served by this top food establishment in Bangalore.

Top Delicacies of Pizza Hut that You Can Enjoy with Family and Friends

1. Different Melts Meals - Veg and Non-veg

This eatery offers different Melts Meals on the menu. These food choices include veg and non-veg options, such as a veg refreshment for 1 with fries, a 3-course veg meal for 1, non-veg foodstuff for 1, and a 3-course perfect me-time meal for one person, respectively. These choices include your favourite melts and fries with cheezy cheese, chicken, makhani paneer, loaded BBQs, and more. You can choose from any combination that suits your preferences.

2. Hut Treat Meals

This food option also includes both vegetarian and non-veg platters. These are combinations of signature medium-veg and non-veg pizzas, classic bread sticks, and beverages, including 1 Pepsi PET. These platters are offered in servings of one, two, and four persons, thus fulfilling each palette.

3. Makhni Paneer & Chicken Tikka Keema Combo

Please your cravings for desi flavour with Melts of Makhni Paneer and Tikka Keema. This combination makes you lick your finger for both variants. Makhani Paneer is an Indian dish of paneer coming from New Delhi, in which the gravy is normally made with butter (makhan), cashews, and tomatoes. Spices such as garam masala and red chilli powder are also utilised to make this gravy. Whereas Tikka is boneless chicken pieces immersed in spiced yoghurt, threaded on a metal skewer, and baked on charcoal.

4. Veggie Feast

If you are a vegetarian and like to add some veggies to your plate, then a veggie feast is a good alternative. This dish includes green capsicum, herbed onion, luscious sweet corn, a stuffed crust, cereals, soya, milk products, and lots of mozzarella cheese with a tasty pan sauce. Thus offering a complete meal to a veg enthusiast.

5. Margherita

Served by Pizza Hut, Margherita includes toppings of its herb-mixed signature pan sauce and real mozzarella cheese. It is a regular and delicious treat for all cheese lovers! This foodstuff includes cereals such as Gluten or Wheat, soya, Milk, and other milk products. Its recipe attributes a lively crust, fazed San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, a little bit of salt sprinkle, and some drops of olive oil.

6. Tandoori Paneer

Tandoori Paneer is Pizza Hut's signature dish. It is made using spiced paneer, crispy onions, green capsicum, a stuffed crust, tangy red paprika, tasty tandoori sauce, and lots of mozzarella cheese. It also includes gluten, milk, and soya. You can enjoy eating it from the comfort of your home by ordering online and getting it delivered directly to your home.

7. Spicy Schezwan Pasta Chicken

Have you ever tried pasta chicken? If not, try now! To make this platter spicy, Fusilli pasta is baked in fresh and spicy schezwan sauce with green and red capsicum, schezwan meatballs, onion, and red paprika. This dish is then topped with a cheesy dressing to entice any non-veg aficionado.

8. Thin and Crispy Pizzas

The thin and crispy pizza segment offers a number of varieties of tandoori paneer, BBQ veggies, Mexican fiesta, dhabe da keema, chicken pepperoni, and chicken supreme.

(a) BBQ - veggies are a fusion of a thin and crispy crust, signature pan sauce, and BBQ sauce drizzle, with toppings of mushrooms, onion, green capsicum, and red paprika.

(b) Tandoori paneer - has a crispy, thin crust, which is topped with seasoned and spicy paneer, crispy onions and green capsicum, flavourful red paprika, scrumptious tandoori sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

(c) Mexican fiesta - a thin and crunchy crust is topped with green and red capsicum, onion, jalapeno, black olives, sweet corn, mozzarella cheese, a signature spice spread, and a unique pan sauce.

(d) Dhabe da keema - has a slender and crispy crust, dhaba-style keema masala, green chilli, crunchy onion, delicious pan sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a considerate sprinkle of mint mayo.

(e) Chicken pepperoni - has a crispy, slim crust, spicy pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and luscious pan sauce. It is a classic dish for all fast-food lovers!

(f) Chicken supreme - is a savoury tikka with a thin crust, aromatic schezwan chicken meatballs, delicious pan sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

9. American Cheesy

This dish features a heavenly Peruvian-flavoured cheesy sauce decked with classic chicken pepperoni, cheese, sausage, spicy jalapeno, black olives, and mozzarella cheese. It is completed with a good sprinkle of Texas garlic sauce.

10. Tandoori Murg Pasta

Satisfy your non-veg cravings with spicy tandoori murg pasta. It is a type of baked penne pasta with your preferred tandoori sauce topped with green and red capsicum, tikka, onion rings, and cheesy dressing.

11. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers, also called jalapeno bites, are peppers made of jalapeno. They have been clefted or hollowed out, filled with a combination of spices, cheese, and sometimes ground meat, and fragmented and deep-fried. They are crispy and clammy at once, like sauteed mozzarella sticks with the increased heat and variation of the hot pepper.

So, we hope these food varieties will help you enjoy a great feast with your family and friends.

In Summary

Pizza Hut has deep-seated into Bangalore's lively food culture, bringing together flavours from the whole world and mixing with the city's rich cultural inheritance. As it constantly thrives among Bangalore's busy lanes, its effect on the city's dietary outlook remains definite. So, if you are also looking for a delectable pizza option, then you can easily order food online in Bangalore from Swiggy. It is India's fastest food delivery platform, holding the best position due to its flawless delivery experience.

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