Big change in Instagram Stories, know more about this new feature

Jul 06 2020 04:08 PM
Big change in Instagram Stories, know more about this new feature

Today, new changes are coming in social media. Like everyone knows that in today's time everyone uses social media. And they must change over time. There has been a big change in the look of the stories of Facebook-owned photo-sharing social media platform Instagram. The layout of the Instagram Stories feature has been completely changed. The consumer will now see this new look. Short term updates to the Instagram Stories feature were being rolled out with 12 hours. This feature is being brought to challenge Snapchat. After which it has also been rolled out for Facebook and Whatsapp.

Recently, Twitter also introduced its short term stories feature Fleets. Through this feature, consumers can upload any update for the short term. Apart from Snapchat and Instagram, this feature has become very popular on all social media platforms nowadays, while Instagram has rolled out a completely new layout for this feature. Apart from this, consumers can now see Instagram stories in Do Row in Instagram Stories. Earlier they were seen only in a single row. The advantage of this is that the consumer can see all their contact's Instagram stories at once and do not have to scroll much.

With the new Layout update of Instagram Stories, it is clear that the social media company is focusing more on its feature these days. As soon as consumers click or tap on See All Stories, they will see the Instagram stories of their contact with more cry in the new layout. Consumers will definitely be shocked by seeing this big visual transformation in the Instagram Stories feature. Consumers may also take time to become familiar with the new look of Instagram Stories. This new update has not yet been rolled out to all users. Soon it can be rolled out for everyone.

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