Teen Reportedly Spends Rs. 2 Lakh From Grandfather’s Pension Account on Pubg

At this time in the market, people's minds are very fast. Due to which many people have suffered a lot of damage and many people have had to lose their lives. The name of this game, PUBG, used to deteriorate the mental state of people in the last years of PUBG Mobile game, but now the financial situation is deteriorating. In fact, this report is surprising as to how the video game has dominated the children. Last week, a boy in Punjab had spent Rs.16 lakh from his father's bank account to play PUBG, with which another report has now come out.

According to a separate report, a 15-year-old child in Mohali, Punjab, has withdrawn two lakh rupees from his grandfather's account to play pubji mobiles. According to the report, the child has spent his grandfather's pension money. And this kid from Mohali has withdrawn money from Dada ji's account to buy gaming items like skins, crates, under Unknown Cash in Pabji. It has made a total of 30 transactions in the last two months. Recently, he paid to the game from Paytm. And the family came to know about this act of the child when he went to update the passbook in the bank.

With this disclosure, the child has accepted the matter which costs two lakh rupees. A complaint has been lodged against a senior of the child's school in this regard, as he had instigated the child to pay from Grandpa's account and gave the idea and payment has been made in both the pubg account. For information, let us tell you that last week in Punjab, a 17-year-old child got Rs 16 lakh from his father's account to play PUBG. He completed all the payments from his mother's mobile. Family members said that the money was kept for treatment.

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