Make International Kiss Day special in this way

Jul 06 2020 02:16 PM
Make International Kiss Day special in this way

International Kiss Day is celebrated on 6th July every year. The intention behind celebrating this day is to convince people about this way of expressing love. You can express your feelings through kissing. Greeting with kisses or expressing love on the public place is common in Western countries. Its kissing practice in India is similar to the present. In some countries, instead of being greeted, hands are kissed, in some places kisses on the cheeks. However, the culture of India does not accept it outside the bedroom or private space but there is no dearth of kissing scenes in Bollywood films. Almost every film has a kissing scene, even if it is light. Looking at the kiss just as a part of sexual activity, then it would be wrong. There are many types of kisses. You can also express love with children, elders, brothers, sisters etc. through kissing. Many times you get the thing you want to get, then you can do it too. Overall this kiss is just a process of expressing emotions. If you are going to kiss your partner, then keep these things in mind.

Keep this in mind before kissing your partner: Do not smoke before kissing your partner or take a mouth freshener first. Cigarette smoking turns the color of lips which you should take care of. To reduce the darkness of lips, you can mix cream, rose petals and honey and apply it on your lips daily in the morning. After some time, when it dries, then wash it with clean water. By doing this continuously for a few days, the color of lips will be changed and blossomed.

How to give love bite: While kissing partner, a little love bite is fine, but it is not that you start chewing their lips. Lips are sensitive and can easily be hurt. Keep a balance while kissing which should be passionate. Take care that the partner does not get hurt.

Apply Ghee to keep lips soft: If you want, you can apply ghee while eating food everyday and apply few drops of Ghee on hot bread to your lips. By doing this, your lips will always remain soft. You can also use lip balm containing SPF for your lips. One more thing, you can also use lemon to take care of your lips. It helps to lighten the color of lips. For this, you can also scrub on the lips lightly by adding sugar in lemon peel.

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