IOC and Tokyo organizers assures to open up on July 23

Oct 16 2020 07:09 PM
IOC and Tokyo organizers assures to open up on July 23

The IOC , International Olympic Committee, Tokyo organizers have been holding on-line sessions this week with about 200 national Olympic committees, and with the more than 30 summer sports bodies that are represented on the program to inform the Tokyo Games will open on 23rd July. IOC sports director Kit McConnell told delegates in the on-line seminar that IOC Tokyo is confident that the games in Tokyo next year will take place and the committee is moving forward on this basis.

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The IOC and the local organizers are involved in campaigning for several months to revoke the interest among the Japanese public, and assure sponsors who have invested billions of dollars with the hope that the Olympics can take place during a pandemic. As things are not open to the media, everyone still wonders how more than 15,000 Olympic and Paralympics athletes can safely enter Japan, along with thousands of staff, technical officials, sponsors, media and broadcasters. And the presence of the audience inside the venues is not clear yet. Earlier a financial budget cut of 2% has been announced however there is not cut in sports or the athletes. The postponement already raises $2billion to $3billion added costs.

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Tokyo officially says of spending $12.6 billion to organize the Olympics, but the government audit report says it's twice that much. All but $5.6 billion is public money. The organizers say public opinion will always be given the first priority.

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