Mumbai: IPS officer shares Google review of police Station by Prisoner

We are all aware that whenever we get something or we buy something, a review has to be given. Although it is not necessary, but we still give a review. A lot of things come to know about reviewers. A review is needed even when you go to eat in a restaurant or hotel. We are able to guess whether we should go there only after seeing the review. Nowadays, reviews of restaurants, hotels and other things are easily found on Google. But have you ever read the review of police station?

Probably not, but a person on the Internet reviewed a jail in Maharashtra, whose screenshot is going viral on social media. This screenshot is shared by IPS officer Santosh Singh. While sharing this, he wrote in the caption, 'The police station is so good that someone wants to come back again. What will you say about this?' In the viral screenshot, it is said that this review is from the new city police station located in Meera Bhayander, Maharashtra. It has been given by a user named Mansuri Avesh and he has also praised the police station giving it 5 stars.

He has written, 'I was arrested here. They treated me well. The rooms were very clean. The food was also very good. The handcuffs were a bit tight, but it was right. All the officers were also of good nature. Overall it was a great experience. If I get a chance, I will definitely go there again.' Seeing his review, people are now giving their feedback in the comments.

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