Ireland Faces Chilling Temperatures: Yellow Alert Issued
Ireland Faces Chilling Temperatures: Yellow Alert Issued

Dublin: Ireland and Northern Ireland are in the grip of an icy cold snap, with temperatures plummeting to minus 6 degrees. A nationwide yellow alert has been issued in both regions due to the anticipated extreme cold and adverse weather conditions. The alert is in effect across all 26 counties of Ireland until 11 am today, following a freezing night that saw Moor Park, Cork, hit a bone-chilling minus 6 degrees, with the average temperature reaching minus five.

In response to the harsh conditions, health experts and agencies are urging special precautions, particularly for the safety of children. The Public Health Agency (PHA) has advised parents and childcare providers to take extra measures to safeguard babies during the extreme cold. Using Moses baskets or cots in the bedroom is recommended, while caution is advised against placing wool blankets inside baby sleeping bags.

Additional layers of clothing should be provided for babies on cold nights, and vigilance is crucial to prevent overheating. The PHA emphasizes that sheets and blankets should not be positioned higher than the shoulders. Collaborating with health visitors, parents and midwives are urged to make necessary arrangements for the safety of infants.

Crucially, the PHA advises against sleeping on an armchair or sofa with a baby, and prohibits smoking, alcohol, and drugs in the bedroom. Loose blankets, pillows, coat bumpers, or sleep positions should not be placed in the baby's bed, ensuring a safe sleep environment. Maintaining the bedroom temperature between 16 and 20 degrees is crucial, as children are unable to regulate their body temperature fully. The agency stresses the importance of aligning beds and clothing accordingly to safeguard against the extreme cold.

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