Is Delivery Imminent? Don't Forget These Items for Yourself in Your Bag, Besides the Baby
Is Delivery Imminent? Don't Forget These Items for Yourself in Your Bag, Besides the Baby

As soon as the eighth month of pregnancy approaches, expectant mothers begin to prepare their maternity bags. This bag contains essential items required by women post-delivery. It is advisable to prepare this bag well in advance of delivery, ensuring that every woman has it handy after childbirth. Often, women focus on packing items for the baby but forget about packing essentials for themselves, which can lead to inconvenience post-delivery. Here, we discuss what expecting mothers should pack for themselves in their maternity bag:

Disposable Undergarments or New Mother's Pad Fixator:
To manage postpartum bleeding, it's essential to have disposable undergarments or a new mother's pad fixator.

Sanitary Pads:
Stock up on sanitary pads to manage postpartum bleeding comfortably.

Nursing Bra:
A nursing bra facilitates breastfeeding and provides support and comfort.

Scarf or Dupatta (for head covering):
A scarf or dupatta can serve the purpose of covering the head during labor or for privacy post-delivery.

A Dress for Hospital Discharge:
Pack a comfortable dress to wear while being discharged from the hospital.

Comfortable slippers are essential for walking around the hospital during labor and post-delivery.

Keep your feet warm and cozy with a pair of socks.

Cotton Balls for Ear Cleaning:
Carry cotton balls for cleaning the newborn's ears.

Breast Pads:
Breast pads help absorb leaking breast milk and keep you dry and comfortable.

Mobile Charger:
Ensure you have a mobile charger to stay connected with your loved ones and for emergency calls.

In times of pandemic or for general hygiene, carry a mask to protect yourself and others.

Hand Sanitizer:
Maintain hand hygiene by carrying a hand sanitizer.

Keep a small handkerchief handy for various purposes.

Pack a towel for personal hygiene and comfort.

Extra Bag for Miscellaneous Items:
Carry an extra bag to store miscellaneous items or gifts received during the hospital stay.

Daily Medications:
Don't forget to pack any prescribed medications you need to take daily.

Photo ID:
Carry your identification documents for hospital formalities.

Medical File:
Keep your medical file containing all necessary documents and reports handy.

Water Bottle:
Stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle.

Snacks and Biscuits:
Pack some snacks and biscuits to munch on during labor or post-delivery hunger pangs.

Hot Water Bottle:
A hot water bottle can provide relief from post-delivery discomfort or pain.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Face Wash, Lip Balm, Comb, Hairband, Safety Pins, Soap or Body Wash, Liquid Hand Wash, Coconut Oil, Vaseline, and Skincare Products:
Pack toiletries and personal care items you regularly use for hygiene and comfort.

In conclusion, preparing a maternity bag with essential items for both the mother and the baby is crucial for a smooth transition into motherhood. By ensuring that all necessary items are packed well in advance, expectant mothers can focus on their recovery and caring for their newborn without unnecessary stress or inconvenience.

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