Is there a new variant of corona spreading from animals to humans? Know the opinion of scientists

New Delhi: Are new variants of corona emerging due to animals? This is because scientists believe that the corona virus is mutating due to animals and is spreading from there to humans. Scientists have expressed concern that cases of virus transmission from animals to humans are increasing all over the world and if this continues then it will be difficult to monitor the mutants. So far no clear answer has been received regarding where SARS Cove-2 i.e. corona virus came from. However, some scientists say that this virus may have come to humans through bats or through some other animal in the market of Wuhan, China. Some scientists also believe that the Omicron variant, which brought a new wave of corona to the whole world including India, may have spread by mutating from animals instead of mutating in humans. America's public health expert Amita Gupta told the media that any virus multiplies itself in the body of an infected organism and can mutate. They say that if there are genomic changes in the viruses present in animals over time, they can create a virus that can be more infectious and deadly.

At the same time, a professor related to the Infectious Diseases Division of Johns Hopkins University said that even a small mutation in SARS-Cov-2 in animals can be much more infectious and fatal for humans. So far, the number of people infected with the corona virus developed in animals is not fixed, but last week the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that at least 4 people were found in Michigan in whom corona The same version was found, which was found in mink (a species of animal). Mink is a small animal whose fur is shiny. This animal is found in many parts of America and Europe.

Along with this, it has also been revealed that mink and pet hamsters can infect humans. In Canada, transmission between a white-tailed deer and a human is being reviewed. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that so far the role of animals in the spread of corona in humans has not been revealed, but due to the spread of this virus in animals, humans can be affected in the coming time and new variants can be found. can come to the fore. So far, corona infection has been found in domestic animals as well as big cats, lions, monkeys and wild animals. Veterinarian Gaurav Sharma has told the media that intra-species transmission can establish the virus in animals and such animals can re-spread the infection to humans. They say that the virus can mutate in wild animals, which can lead to the emergence of new variants.

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