Is your WhatsApp and Facebook account in danger?

Almost all Facebook services were suspended for several hours. Due to this, DNS is said to be a problem. DNS means domain name service. All the services started functioning at 4 am Indian time on Tuesday. Some persons have reported DDoS attacks. However, cyber experts say there is no cyber attack. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp did not last for several hours. This is a global outage and this kind of trouble has already come. But this time the services are down for more than two hours.

Will this affect your account?
It is not expected to have any impact on users' accounts. Since this problem is related to DNS, it will not affect individual accounts of Insta WhatsApp or Messenger. If there is a cyberattack, the user's account may be affected. Because cybercriminals can access user account data. However, it is too early to say so. According to expert Brine, the DNS of Facebook and Instagram was removed from the Global Routine Table this morning. It is not clear why this change has been made. It may have been deleted due to internal updates or some changes. However, all this is a specialisation right now.

Are users' accounts in danger?
Users on Twitter are worried that there should be no crisis on their accounts. At present, there is no evidence or solid logic of any kind. If Facebook's services are down due to the DNS issue, the users' accounts will not be affected. But if there is a cyberattack, the users may have a problem.

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