Islamic State Releases Photo and Footage of Moscow Attack, 133 people died in Terror attack
Islamic State Releases Photo and Footage of Moscow Attack, 133 people died in Terror attack

Moscow: The Islamic State terrorist group has released a photo and bodycam footage allegedly depicting the March 23 attack at Crocus City Hall, a shopping mall and music venue in Moscow. The attack, which resulted in 133 fatalities, has been claimed by the Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K).

Russian state television has broadcasted footage showing the detention and interrogation of four individuals suspected of perpetrating the attack. These individuals, along with seven others, were apprehended on Saturday in connection to the incident.


Addressing the nation regarding the attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to "justly and inevitably punish" the perpetrators, as well as those who organized and ordered the massacre.The attack on March 23 is reported to be the deadliest in Russia in two decades.

Latest Developments on the Attack:

The Islamic State terrorist group, formerly active in Iraq and Syria, has released a photo purportedly showing the four gunmen who carried out the assault on the concert hall in Moscow. The group's Amaq agency stated on Telegram that the attack was part of an ongoing conflict between the Islamic State and nations opposing its ideology.

Additionally, footage of the attack has been released, allegedly filmed by the perpetrators en route to the venue. The footage depicts at least three individuals, one carrying a backpack, another armed with a knife, and a third wielding a rifle.

Russian state-run Channel One television has aired footage of the four alleged gunmen being detained and questioned by authorities. The suspects were reportedly apprehended in Khatsun village near the Russia-Belarus border.

During interrogation, one suspect confessed to shooting people in exchange for monetary compensation, claiming to have been offered half a million rubles ($5,425) for the act.

Footage circulating on Russian Telegram channels shows a man emerging from a forest with blood on his face, potentially from an ear injury. In another video, the same individual is seen answering questions while kneeling.

The Russian Interior Ministry has stated that all four suspects are foreign nationals, with a Russian MP suggesting that some may be from Tajikistan.

President Putin asserted that the attackers attempted to evade capture by fleeing towards Ukraine after the massacre. Russia's FSB security service reported that the gunmen had connections in Ukraine and were apprehended near the border, with plans to transfer them to Moscow.

Despite assertions by Russian officials, Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov denied any involvement in the attack, emphasizing Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Putin of attempting to deflect blame and criticized Russia for failing to address terrorism within its borders. Zelenskyy urged Putin to focus on combating domestic terrorism rather than accusing Ukraine.

The death toll from the March 23 attack stands at 133, with Moscow regional governor Andrei Vorobyov confirming the recovery of bodies from the rubble. Medical personnel are treating 107 individuals for injuries sustained during the incident.

Reports from Belarusian media outlet Nexta suggest that bodies were discovered in various locations within Crocus City Hall, including a significant number found in a restroom and on an evacuation staircase.

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