Israel Govt to set up national calculation centre to predict climate impact
Israel Govt  to set up national calculation centre to predict climate impact

JERUSALEM: The government of Israel has approved the establishment of a national climate calculation centre to forecast the regional impact of global warming.

According to a statement released jointly by five ministries and the Israel Water and Sewage Authority on Sunday, the new research centre will be outfitted with a supercomputer with significant research and database capabilities to enable detailed climatic projections in the future.

As per the statement, the centre will be run by the Israeli Meteorological Service under the supervision of scientists with the goal of helping the government implement preventive and adaptive actions based on climate risk mapping. The infrastructure of the centre would be open to researchers studying climate in Israel and other nations in the region, it was noted.

climate change has far-reaching effects on ecosystems, economic sectors including agriculture, energy, and transportation, as well as on national security, the ministry said in a statement.

Israeli Environment Ministry has alerted that climate change is likely to cut  the already-limited freshwater resources in the region, and drive sea level rises.

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