Israeli Military Escalates Operations in Gaza, Releases Tank Video, Targets Hamas Tunnels
Israeli Military Escalates Operations in Gaza, Releases Tank Video, Targets Hamas Tunnels

The Israeli military has released video footage showing tank columns moving through open areas of Gaza, while also reporting that warplanes carried out airstrikes on numerous Hamas tunnels and underground bunkers. This development marks a significant escalation in Israel's efforts to dismantle the ruling militant group in Gaza, following their previous ground incursion into southern Israel three weeks ago.

The release of these images offers visual confirmation of the presence of Israeli ground troops in Gaza and the intensified targeting of underground Hamas facilities. These actions suggest that Israel may be moving closer to a full-scale invasion of Gaza.

In recent days, Israeli ground forces have conducted brief nightly incursions into Gaza before returning to Israel, but it's unclear when the images released on Saturday were captured and whether the tanks will advance deeper into Gaza.

Israeli military spokesman Real Adm. Daniel Hagari stated that ground forces are expanding their operations in Gaza, acting with significant force to achieve their objectives in the conflict. Israel has amassed a substantial number of troops along the border in anticipation of a broader ground offensive.

Overnight into Saturday, Israeli warplanes targeted 150 tunnels and underground bunkers in northern Gaza, with Hamas' extensive underground installations, particularly those beneath Gaza City in the north of the territory, being key targets.

As part of this intensified campaign, Israel also disrupted communication networks, leading to a near-blackout of information and isolating the 2.3 million people in besieged Gaza from the outside world. The lack of electricity, coupled with communication disruptions, has left Palestinians in Gaza with dwindling supplies and limited access to information.

Explosions from continuous airstrikes illuminated the sky over Gaza City for hours after nightfall on Friday, while the Palestinian telecom provider, Paltel, reported complete disruption of internet, cellular, and landline services, making it challenging to assess casualties and ground incursion details. Some satellite phones remained functional.

Relatives outside Gaza expressed concern as their communication with families inside Gaza abruptly ceased. The situation has raised concerns about the consequences of a total information blackout and its impact on the safety of residents.

Israel has asserted that its strikes are aimed at targeting Hamas fighters and infrastructure and has argued that militants operate within civilian areas, putting civilians at risk.

Hamas reported heavy nighttime clashes with Israeli forces at various locations, including an alleged Israeli incursion east of the refugee camp of Bureij in central Gaza. The Israeli military reiterated that it has been conducting targeted raids and expanding its strikes in preparation for future stages of the operation.

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has risen significantly, with over 7,300 reported casualties, more than 60% of whom are minors and women, according to the territory's Health Ministry. The blockade on Gaza has resulted in dwindling supplies, and the U.N. has warned of the deteriorating situation in its aid operation due to nearly depleted fuel.

In Israel, more than 1,400 people were reported killed during the conflict, according to the Israeli government, and at least 229 hostages were taken into Gaza. This includes at least 310 Israeli soldiers, as reported by the military.

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