Israel's Planned Offensive in Rafah Raises Global Concerns
Israel's Planned Offensive in Rafah Raises Global Concerns

Israel's intention to launch a ground offensive against Hamas in Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, has sparked global concern due to the potential risks posed to the civilian population. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that achieving "total victory" against Hamas necessitates action in Rafah.

The Israeli military has greenlit plans for the offensive, but with approximately 1.4 million Palestinians residing in the densely populated city, Israel's allies, including the U.S., are calling for heightened measures to protect civilians.

Most of Rafah's residents have been displaced by previous conflicts, residing in overcrowded tent camps, overflowing shelters, or cramped apartments. Netanyahu is dispatching a delegation to Washington to present Israel's plans to the administration.

Israel's declaration of war following Hamas' cross-border attack in October underscores its determination to neutralize the militant group's military capabilities. According to Israeli military sources, Rafah represents Hamas' last significant stronghold in Gaza, with the majority of their battalions dismantled elsewhere.

However, concerns abound regarding Israel's plan. The U.S. has urged Israel to refrain from action without a credible strategy to evacuate civilians. Egypt, a key ally, warns that any attempt to push Palestinians into its territory could jeopardize the longstanding peace agreement with Israel.

President Joe Biden, in a recent conversation with Netanyahu, urged restraint, emphasizing the need for an alternative approach to a ground invasion. Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed these sentiments during his visit to the region.

Despite Netanyahu's insistence on the necessity of entering Rafah, Israel appears hesitant to deploy troops immediately. This reluctance may stem from ongoing efforts to negotiate a temporary ceasefire, which could be undermined by a military incursion. Additionally, logistical challenges impede swift action.

Israel's military aims to direct civilians to "humanitarian islands" in central Gaza before initiating the offensive, although evacuation plans are pending approval. The situation remains fluid as international stakeholders monitor developments closely.

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