11 steps away from creating history, Chandrayaan-2 enters third orbit of the moon
11 steps away from creating history, Chandrayaan-2 enters third orbit of the moon

New Delhi: Chandrayaan-2 has been successfully entered into the third orbit of the moon by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on August 28. According to sources, Chandrayaan-2 has been placed in the third orbit of the moon at 9.04 this morning and now Chandrayaan-2 will travel around the moon at a 179 km apogee and a 1412 km perigee. In the same Orbit, Chandrayaan-2 will continue to travel around the moon for the next two days. Chandrayaan-2 will then be entered into the fourth and fifth orbit of the moon on September 1.

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Chandrayaan-2 was brought into the moon's orbit by reducing speed on August 20

Earlier on August 20, Chandrayaan-2 was successfully transported into the moon's first orbit by ISRO scientists. On Tuesday, ISRO scientists reduced the speed of Chandrayaan from 10.98 km per second to about 1.98 km per second. Chandrayaan-2 was reduced by 90 percent so that it could not hit the moon under the influence of the gravitational power of the moon. The entry of Chandrayaan-2 into the moon's orbit on August 20 was a daunting one for ISRO scientists. However, our fearless scientists accomplished it with great efficiency and accuracy.

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September 7 will be a special day for both ISRO and the country. On this day Chandrayaan-2 will land successfully on the south pole of the moon. Chandrayaan-2 was launched from Sriharikota launch station on July 22 via rocket Baahubali and earlier on August 14, Chandrayaan-2 was launched into the Trans Lunar Orbit. It is expected that on September 7, PM Modi will be able to watch Chandrayaan-2's moon landing live on the south pole.

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