How successful is mission Chandrayaan-2, know what ISRO Chief has to say
How successful is mission Chandrayaan-2, know what ISRO Chief has to say

New Delhi: Chief of the Indian Space Agency (ISRO), Dr. K. Sivan has said that "I had not announced the '98% success' of Chandrayaan-2. This was said by the national level committee which is monitoring the entire mission". Sivan said that "the committee believes that according to preliminary data, our mission has decreased by only 2 per cent, 98 per cent mission has been successful."

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Dr K. Sivan said that "I also believe that the mission has been 98 per cent successful. Because for the first time we put a satellite weighing more than 4 tons in Geostationary Satellite Orbit. For the first time, we brought two satellites (lander and orbiter) together into the moon's orbit. For the first time, we have installed such payloads on our orbiter, which are being used for the first time in the world. These payloads are state-of-the-art. Not only this, all the Vikram sub-systems were functioning properly before landing. ISRO Chief said this in an interview given to an English newspaper.

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Dr K. Sivan said that "on the night of September 7, when I went to PM Narendra Modi and told him that there was a problem in the landing of Vikram Lander. We lost contact with him. Then PM Modi said that you do not worry. Everything will be correct Then the next morning they came, they addressed our entire team, encouraged them. When he hugged me while leaving the Mission Operation Complex (MOX), he did not tell me anything".

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